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There’s nothing here but heat and dust, dust and light, time and space—no great upheaval beyond the mute accumulation of aeons, no setback beyond the routine catastrophe of morning sunrise. Daylight sears and returns every speck of rock and sand, every pore and follicle of human pride and daily grime, each miserable stick of charred inedible plant life back to the perfect sterility of lunar space. In the shade it’s 129 degrees. On the asphalt it’s 180 Fahrenheit. In such climate the body can lose a gallon of water in just a few hours. As the brain begins to coagulate it envisions water everywhere. Across the road, the dead lattice of the dwarf trees twists, blurs and pulses like seaweed inhaling the crests of coastal waves. The undulating layers of fossilized strata stain the cliffs with the leak and drip of virgin springs. The highway mirage ripples cold with alpine refreshment. The pale granite domes high above the scrub pines scream of melting snow. The coyote rotting off the roadside reeks of healing sulfur hot springs. Water— the last thing you’ll find and the only thing you need.


The next phase of a long-standing collaboration between pianist John Steven Morgan and drummer Barret Baumgart.

Wreche remains consistent with the duo's earlier minimalist exploration of piano and drum derived gloom however "Desert" finds the two pushing even harder at the possibilities of genre, luring staccato keys and crushing blast beats into a previously uncharted terrain in which black metal and classical vie for privilege, hope, and death in smog laden basin of suntanned predation and persistent misery.

Black metal from the city of shattered dreams.

“The desert has suddenly become cool... The millennials think it’s authentic."--LA Times


releases January 15, 2017

John Steven Morgan--Pianos and Vocals
Barret Baumgart--Drums

Recorded live at Studio 459 in Los Angeles by John Steven Morgan
All songs written by John Steven Morgan

Mixed and Mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves--Queens, NY



all rights reserved


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Wreche Los Angeles, California

Piano & Drums///
Black Metal///

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Track Name: Angel City
Amber lit angels
Mitred Children
Of Arnold's spirits

Winged Creatures
Through tidewater glow
Enrapture disciples
Longing for immortality
Within azure shroud
Fish in a coral sea
Are birds soaring
A speculum historiale

The small figures in corners
Of golden scripts
Like that distant planet
King of the sea
The writhings
Of an empty blue nothing
Track Name: Fata Morgana
Forever with you
My darling, my bride
You dwell in the cliffs of my mind

Forever, my bride
In a cliff by the sea
I drink your blood in misery
And in shadows cast memories

"We are of one flesh, but separate like stars"
You are the silence in my heart
Lovers bear what mother tears apart

Do you know how long I have been waiting For this moment that right now isn't happening I drowned dreaming of the day you would hold me high in final safety worlds passed beneath me while I sat gazing at an image in my mind my whole life has been lived for this moment its as real as my sanity how slowly through our love we build a hell around us

shadows surround me
voices remind me
that you are not real

You keep living
Ill keep dying
Track Name: Vessel
Black gulch
Sodden mirror of triumph
Great Obelisks,
Reaching the clouds
Lit timbers cooled by rain
Looming over my back

My kneeling eyes
Whose visions in obscurity
Cast a blighted glance
Before disturbing the image
Of loneliness

Daunted dreams stand on my back
As my window lights its face